06 July 2011

A tad slow on Stage 5 ...

Here is today's result:

  • Stage 5:  3h 38' 32" (actual), 3h 52' 05" (prediction), 13' 33" slow (6.20% error)
As I thought, my prediction would be a tad off today.  There are just not enough data points given on the Tour de France website.  Getting a 6.20% error is still not too shabby!  I may be able to estimate more points for future stages.  Until then, here is what my model predicts for Stage 6 (using only the Tour de France website data):
  • Stage 6:  5h 20' 13" (prediction)
There are a lot of missing peaks and valleys on the website.  As with Stage 5, I'll see how the averaging goes.

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