14 July 2011

Nearly nailed Stage 12!

Here is the Stage 12 result:

  • Stage 12:  6h 01' 15" (actual), 5h 59' 26" (predicted), -01' 49" fast (-0.50% error)
Wow, I'm really happy to hit the first major mountain stage to within half a percent error!  I thought the winner might be just a tad under six hours, but it turned out to be just a tad over.  Here is Samuel Sánchez's average speed:
  • Stage 12:  9.73 m/s (21.8 mph)
Stage 13 has a great climb up to Col d'Aubisque.  Here is my prediction:
  • Stage 13:  3h 46' 52" (prediction)
After a monster climb to the 110-km mark, it'll be a great downhill to the end at Lourdes!

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