17 July 2011

A bit slow on Stage 15 ...

Here is the Stage 15 result:

  • Stage 15:  4h 20' 24" (actual), 4h 36' 38" (prediction), 16' 14" slow (6.23% error)
This is the one stage I'm kicking myself over!  After three grueling mountain stages, I knocked my code's biker power input down just a little for Stage 15.  Had I not done that, my error would have been cut in half.  The fact that I was wrong to do that actually inspires me because that means the athletes at the Tour de France are even better than I first thought.  Here is what Mark Cavendish was able to average in today's impressive win:
  • Stage 15:  12.32 m/s (27.6 mph)
This is almost exactly the same speed Cavendish averaged during his win in Stage 11.  Certainly impressive!

Monday is a rest day.  I plan to publish my Stage 16 prediction on Monday.  I am hoping to get one or two more profile points.  Right now, I need to get a few other things done so that I can watch the women's World Cup final.  Go US!

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