15 July 2011

Just 44 seconds off Stage 13!

Here is the result from Stage 13:

  • Stage 13:  3h 47' 36" (actual), 3h 46' 52" (prediction), -44" fast (-0.32% error)
I'm once again shocked how well I predicted a mountain stage.  Thor Hushovd had a great ride.  Here is what The God of Thunder was able to average:
  • Stage 13:  11.17 m/s (25.0 mph)
Stage 14 looks to be a brutal ride.  There will be, however, some amazing vistas along the way.  Here is what I predict for Stage 14:
  • Stage 14:  5h 02' 45" (prediction)
After such a grueling couple of stages, can someone finish Stage 14 in under five hours?  I'm sure the riders will be thrilled to reach the Pyrenees ski resort of Plateau de Beille at the end of the stage.  They will then be at an elevation of 1.78 km (1.1 miles).

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