11 July 2012

Voeckler Takes Stage 10!

The world's top athletes never cease to amaze me.  Just when I start to worry that my model does not have enough power for climbing a monster ascent, the world's best astonish me.  Thomas Voeckler won Stage 10 today with an impressive ride.  Below is the comparison with our prediction.
  • Stage 10:  4h 46' 26" (actual), 5h 09' 49" (prediction), 23' 23" slow (8.16% error)
My hat's off to those elite cyclists!  Below is Voeckler's average speed.
  • Stage 10:  11.32 m/s (40.72 km/hr or 25.32 mph)
That's better than the average speeds for the winners of Stages 1, 4, 7, and 8.  Impressive!

Tomorrow's Stage 11 begins in the commune of Albertville and ends 148 km (91.96 miles) later in La Toussuire/Les Sybelles in the French Alps.  Two climbs of the hors cat√©gorie variety plus a category 1 climb and a category 2 climb await cyclists tomorrow.  Below is our prediction.
  • Stage 11:  4h 28' 03" (prediction)
After today's stage, I hope we are not too slow!  Bradley Wiggins, holder of the yellow jersey, Thomas Voeckler, and the other Tour de France competitors are impressive to behold!  They should enjoy the vistas in the French Alps tomorrow.


  1. Hey Eric, These guys ARE amazing. Thomas Voeckler has such heart...truly one of my favorites! I have done all of my calculations and came up with 4h24'12". I see the big dogs fighting it out in the end. I'll say that Cadel wins by slim margin!

  2. Bob,

    This ain't easy, is it?!? How much did the crash on the descent hurt Rolland's time?