13 July 2012

Much Better on Stage 12!

The Brits continue to dominate this year's Tour de France.  David Millar of Scotland won today's long Stage 12.  Below is the comparison of Millar's time with our prediction.
  • Stage 12:  5h 42' 46" (actual), 5h 40' 12" (prediction), 02' 34" fast (-0.75% error)
I'll definitely take another stage prediction under 1%!  Below is Millar's average speed.
  • Stage 12:  10.99 m/s (39.56 km/hr or 24.58 mph)
Tomorrow's flat Stage 13 begins in Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux in southeastern France and ends in the seaside town of Cap d'Agde after 217.0 km (134.8 miles) of cycling.  Below is our prediction.
  • Stage 13:  5h 02' 23" (prediction)
I am anxious to see if the world's best can complete Stage 13 in under five hours.  Wiggins and Froome of Team Sky continue to hold the top two overall spots.  Will there be a great sprint to end tomorrow's stage?

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