13 July 2012

ISEA Conference Ends

I write this post while sitting in the Logan Airport in Boston.  Note to Logan:  there is no reason to charge for internet use!  I could use it for free on the train from Lowell to Boston.  Nothing like gouging a captive audience!

The last day of the ISEA conference began with a talk by Wolfram Meyer of FIFA who discussed FIFA's quality control standards.  I then attended another session on "Aerodynamics of Sports Projectiles" where I learned more about flight dynamics associated with cricket balls and golf balls.  A couple of additional talks on swimming and football pitches wrapped up the presentations I saw.  A closing ceremony set the stage for ISEA's next conference in 2014, which will be held in Sheffield, UK.  Having lived in Sheffield for more than ten months during my sabbatical year in 2008-09, I'm hoping to return in a couple of years so that I may attend the next ISEA conference.  I certainly enjoyed this one!

It has been brought to my attention that the slides from my keynote address are now available online.  Click here for a link to my presentation.

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