09 July 2012

Stage 9 to Wiggins -- We're 18 Seconds Off!

Bradley Wiggins won today's Stage 9, which was an individual time trial.  We just about nailed it!  Below is the comparison between Wiggins and us.
  • Stage 9:  0h 51' 24" (actual), 0h 51' 06" (prediction), 18" fast (-0.58% error)
I missed watching the stage because I was traveling this morning.  I am attending International Sports Engineering Association's 9th International Sports Engineering Conference in Lowell, Massachusetts.  Click here for the conference webpage and here for a brief article on the conference.  When I got to my hotel room, I quickly set up my computer and checked to see how Stage 9 came out.  I was quite pleased to see Wiggins' winning time!  Below is his average speed.
  • Stage 9:  13.46 m/s (48.44 km/hr or 30.10 mph)
Now that's fast!  Wiggins retains the yellow jersey after his win today, extending his lead in the overall standings to 01' 53" over Cadel Evans.  Wiggins' Team Sky mate Chris Froome is third at 02' 07" behind Wiggins.

Tomorrow is the first of two rest days for this year's Tour de France.  A couple of great mountain stages await cyclists on Wednesday and Thursday.  They better get plenty of rest tomorrow!  I will post a prediction for Stage 10 either tonight or tomorrow.

Because I am in such a wonderful sports science environment this week, I will write a few blog posts that deal with my time at the conference.  Besides giving three talks myself, I will attend as many talks as I can and learn as much as possible before I have to leave on Friday.  It's going to be a great week!


  1. Eric, Another great prediction on your part. As for my guess, I must have forgotten stage 8 and Cancellara falling off the pace. He could have gotten the yellow jersey back if he had ridden the time trial in about 37 minutes. Thank goodness a have a rest day to reformulate my strategy.
    Enjoy your conference in Mass.

  2. Bob,

    Stage 10 is really tough to predict. There is an absolutely brutal climb in the middle. If cyclists are gassed on that climb, our predicion will be too fast. If we manage to be 18 seconds off Stage 10's winning time, you'll hear me yelping all the way from Massachusetts!