03 July 2017

So far, so good!

I'm currently in West Virginia while traveling.  I had to sneak a few minutes away from other activities to report on the first three stages of the Tour de France.  Our model is doing well!  I thought we might be a tad slow on the time trial, and we were, but we've nailed Stages 2 and 3.  Below are the comparisons for the first three stages.
  • Stage 1:  0h 16' 04" (actual), 0h 16' 48" (prediction), 44" slow (4.56% error)
  • Stage 2:  4h 37' 06" (actual), 4h 42' 08" (prediction), 05' 02" slow (1.82% error)
  • Stage 3:  5h 07' 19" (actual), 5h 04' 57" (prediction),  02' 22" fast (-0.77% error)
It's great being under 2%, not to mention being under 1%!  I'll try to check in on the next two stages and then get more predictions online while on my travels.  Team Sky certainly looks strong again this year!

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