19 July 2017

Another Prediction Error Under 1%!

Primož Roglič won today's Stage 17 by 73 seconds.  We hit the stage by less than two minutes, as you'll see below.
  • Stage 17:  5h 07' 41" (actual), 5h 09' 36" (prediction), 01' 55" slow (0.62% error)
If riders thought today's stage was grueling, they'll enjoy tomorrow's stage.  It has a delightful Hors catégorie climb to the finish line.  Below is our prediction.
  • Stage 18:  4h 41' 48" (prediction)
Froome now has a 27-s advantage over the two riders behind him.  Based on how he looked today, it seems he is headed for a three-peat.

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