18 July 2017

Matthews Makes it Two out of Three!

Michael Matthews won his second stage today.  Racing turned out to be fast on the downhill, which is what I mentioned in yesterday's post.  There is no way to predict team strategies!  Below is a comparison between reality and our prediction.
  • Stage 16:  3h 38' 15" (actual), 3h 45' 02" (prediction), 06' 47" slow (3.11% error)
Not a bad error, but yesterday's result spoils me for more sub-1% predictions.  The next two stages in the Alps will likely decide this year's winner.  Our prediction for tomorrow's stage is given below.
  • Stage 17:  5h 09' 36" (prediction)
Monster climbs in tomorrow's stage, but the finish will be a downhill sprint.  Can anyone sneak across the finish line in under five hours?

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