11 July 2017

Kittel Gets 4th Stage Win! We Are Under 2%!

Marcel Kittel is dominating the flat stages in this year's Tour de France.  He won his fourth flat stage of this year's race.  I thought someone might come in under four hours.  Kittel was just a minute over that time.  Below is a comparison between Kittel's time and our prediction.

  • Stage 10:  4h 01' 00" (actual), 4h 05' 31" (prediction), 04' 31" slow (1.87% error)
I love seeing an error under 2%!  Tomorrow's flat stage is longer than today's stage.  Our prediction is given below.
  • Stage 11:  4h 41' 44" (prediction)
Can Kittel pick up a fifth stage win?  It will be fun seeing if he can!

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