17 July 2016

Pantano gets 1st Tour de France stage win!

Columbia's Jarlinson Pantano won today's stage, his first Tour de France stage win.  Below is Pantano's time and a comparison with our prediction.
  • Stage 15:  4h 24' 49" (actual), 4h 22' 06" (prediction), 02' 43" fast (-1.03% error)
Wind was not the factor today that it was yesterday, and our model got us near 1%.   We'll take it!  Below is Pantano's average speed.
  • Stage 15:   10.07 m/s (36.25 kph or 22.53 mph)
Tomorrow's stage finishes in Switzerland.  Our prediction is given below.
  • Stage 16:  4h 46' 38" (prediction)
The day after tomorrow's stage is a rest day.  Will cyclists increase their rest by holding back tomorrow in preparation for the Alps?  Or will they go for it, thinking the rest day will be all that's required before the big mountain stages?  We shall see!

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