14 July 2016

Crazy Stage 12!

Stage 12 was cut short by 6.5 km because of incredibly fast winds at the summit of Mont Ventoux.  Thomas De Gent of Belgium won today's truncated stage.  His winning time and a comparison with our pediction are given below.
  • Stage 12:   4h 31' 51" (actual), 4h 37' 31" (prediction), 05' 40" slow (2.08% error)
We'll definitely take that error on a botched final climb with crazy weather!  De Gent's average speed is given below.
  • Stage 12:   10.88 m/s (39.19 kph or 24.34 mph)
Below is our prediction for tomorrow's individual time trial.
  • Stage 13:   51' 42" (prediction)
I wish I could comment more on today's stage but I was tied up with the last day of a great conference in the Netherlands.

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