15 July 2016

Dumoulin Takes the Time Trial!

Tom Dumoulin of the Netherlands easily won today's individual time trial.  How appropriate that the same cyclist who won the stage when I arrived in the Netherlands last Sunday wins the stage on the day I left the Netherlands.  A great bookend for a wonderful time spent in Delft.  I'll write more about the conference in a few days, but for now, check out Dumoulin's winning time.
  • Stage 13:  50' 15" (actual), 51' 42" (prediction), 01' 27" slow (2.89% error)
We did better modelling the third-place time than the first-place time, but we'll take getting a time trial to better than 3%.  Dumoulin's average speed is given below.
  • Stage 13:  12.44 m/s (44.78 kph or 27.82 mph)
Now that's fast!  I can't even fathom going nearly 45 kph on a bicycle for more than a few seconds, and that's just Dumoulin's average speed.  Well done!

Chris Froome came in second today and extended his overall lead.  Below is our prediction for tomorrow's 208.5-km (129.6-mi) flat stage.
  • Stage 14:  4h 53' 25" (prediction)
Enjoy the stage, sprinters, because more mountains are on the way!

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