09 April 2013

Great national title game!

Congratulations to the Louisville Cardinals for beating Michigan and winning the men's national title in college basketball.  A great game was played tonight, and it was tough seeing either team lose.  I've got friends and family from Michigan and they are certainly disappointed.  Don't hang your heads, Wolverines fans!  Your team had a fantastic year and is bound to be great for the next few seasons given how young its players are.  As an Indiana alumnus, I fear how good Michigan will continue to be.

For those itching for a little basketball science, check out The Physics of Basketball by John J Fontanella (click here for the Amazon page).  My publisher, The Johns Hopkins University Press, publishes Fontanella's book.  It's a fun read!

The Louisville women will try to match the men's team when they take on UConn tomorrow night.  UConn will be very tough to beat.  Can Louisville do it two nights in a row?

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