29 March 2013

The morning after ... a great day!

After watching my Hoosiers play their worst game of the year last night in losing to Syracuse, I spent a mostly sleepless night wondering why my team couldn't hit the broad side of barn.  I got up early, kissed my younger daughter, and informed her that Indiana lost last night.  She was disappointed, but happy that the weekend is here.  Sports are great, and I live and die with my teams, but life is so much more than sports.  It doesn't feel that way after a terrible loss, but life really is great.  We get one shot at life and each day needs to be special.  If your day doesn't feel special by the time noon rolls around, do something about it.  Seriously, take charge and don't let Saturday get here without doing or thinking or playing in a special way.

What will make my day special?  Well, my daughter got me off to a fantastic start.  In less than half an hour, I get to talk to my introductory physics class about electromagnetic induction and Faraday's law -- my favorite topic of the semester!  If understanding how modern economies are maintained doesn't give you a chill on your back, you're not paying attention.  If seeing energy conservation in a little minus sign doesn't give you pause at the wonder of how the universe works, you're not trying hard enough.  The time and effort spent on learning about Faraday's discovery will be well worth it -- I promise.  Once Faraday realized that changing magnetic field lines through a coil induces a current in that coil, humanity was ready to undergo a revolution in thought and in how we live.

So, yes, last night's loss stung me.  But, today is a special day because I get to share the wonder of the universe with some great kids.

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