17 October 2017

NFL Physics

Chuck Nice, Gary O'Reilly, and I joined Brian Webber and Nick Ferguson on TuneIn's 1st & Goal this past Sunday.  We discussed Golden Tate's great touchdown run during Detroit's loss to New Orleans.  There was some terrible tackling during the play, but Tate capped his touchdown run with a spectacular front flip into the end zone.  Check out the screen capture I took of Tate crossing the goal plane (click on the image for a larger view).
I analyzed the play and provided physics commentary.  As he crossed the goal plane upside down, Tate was moving 12 mph and rotating at 60 rpm.  Think you could score a touchdown like that?!?

Click here for the seven-minute segment that contains more of my physics analysis of the Tate's touchdown.  It was a lot of fun doing a live show!

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