23 October 2017

Great pick by Eddie Jackson!

I had a lot of fun analyzing Eddie Jackson's second interception in yesterday's Bears' win over the Panthers.  Jackson, a rookie safety out of Alabama, perfectly timed his run to a tipped ball and took Cam Newton's pass 76 yards for his second TD.  His first came on a 75-yard interception, meaning Jackson became the first defensive player in NFL history to have two 75+-yard returns for touchdown in one game.  Check out my screen capture below as Jackson just gets to the deflected pass (click on the image for a larger view).
Can you tell which player is moving fastest?  It should be obvious by the amount of blur!  The Panthers' Kelvin Benjamin was the intended receiver.  He appears to have a good bead on the ball after Prince Amukamara got his right arm on Benjamin's chest just as Newton's pass arrived.  But that blur coming from the right is Eddie Jackson, moving at nearly 17 mph.  That running start was all he needed to snag the ball and take off for a pick six.  I'm sure the fact that Cam Newton went to Auburn made the interception all the sweater!

The above play is the one I discussed on TuneIn yesterday.  Gary O'Reilly joined me as we pitched the wonders of Playing with Science.  Click here for our segment on yesterday's No Huddle.

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