10 December 2011

Indiana takes down #1!!!

Indiana University beat the #1-ranked University of Kentucky in college basketball today by the score of 73-72.  Click here if you are interested in the story.  I'm not writing this post to reveal keen insights into the physics behind any special play.  This post is not about physics.  This post is about screaming your head off when your alma mater does something wonderful.  When Christian Watford's three-pointer went in as time expired, I jumped for joy and screamed for as long as my lungs would let me.

That's what college sports give you.  My alma maters (Vanderbilt University was my undergraduate school; Indiana University was my graduate school) permeate my life, especially in basketball season.  Unlike a professional team, a person's alma mater is a part of himself or herself in a personal and emotional way.  I loved seeing my fellow Hoosiers storm the court.  I loved seeing Tom Crean get his biggest win at Indiana.  We love our schools through good times and bad times.  We suffer the pain of each loss; our days are made with each win.  Watford's shot definitely made my day!

Physics will have to wait for another time.  Sports are meant to be savored first for those "I can't believe what I just saw!" moments.  I'll think about physics later.  For now, it's GO HOOSIERS!!!

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