30 December 2011

The Anti-Title Game

Did you see last night's Baylor win over Washington in the Valero Alamo Bowl?  Click here for the box score.  Some may hate an LSU/Alabama game for its lack of offense.  Last night's Washington/Baylor game was the antithesis of an LSU/Alabama game.  Maybe it was more fun, but after awhile the game just got silly.  I actually wondered if it would have mattered if I had suited up and played corner for Baylor or linebacker for Washington?

Imagine the following.  You go up to Steve Sarkisian, Washington's head coach, before the game and offer him a deal.  You ask him if he would like to play the game or take the scenario described next.  Washington will amass 620 yards of total offense, go 9 for 16 on 3rd-down conversions and 3 for 4 on 4th-down conversions, commit just one penalty to Baylor's eight penalties, and score 56 points in a regulation game.  Do Sarkisian's eyes bug out while he takes the scenario and gambles that what I described would win the game?

If Sarkisian takes the nutty scenario, you then have to tell him that his team lost by 11 points and that Baylor had 157 yards more offense!  That's right, 123 total points and 1397 yards in total offense in a regulation game -- a tad better than a safety per minute in scoring and nearly 80% of a mile in total offense.  Can you even do that in a video game?

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