20 June 2016

Great Father's Day in Hathersage!

There was no way I could attempt to stay up all last night and watch the deciding game of the NBA Finals.  The game here began at 1 am today.  So I made sure to enjoy myself all of yesterday for Father's Day.  I've been called "son," "brother," "husband," and "uncle" in my family life, the latter of which has been particularly fun.  In my professional life, I've been called "doctor" and "professor," though I've never liked all those titles.  The one title I love above all others is "daddy," which has evolved to "dad" as my girls have gotten older.  Hearing "dad" always makes me happy and represents the best way a part of me can live on after I die.

My wife and daughters know how much I love the Peak District, so we all went to Hathersage for a little walking and a visit to a great country pub.  Because my older daughter has a broken left pinkie toe, we kept walking to a minimum.  Walking the countryside was still a lot of fun (click on the image for a larger view).
I never tire of the lush green grass on the English countryside.  We walked along River Derwent for awhile before crossing it to get to a pub (click on the image for a larger view).
After walking got our appetites ready for a pub visit, we nipped into The Plough Inn.  We had wonderful food there, including delicious desserts that should be reserved for special occasions only.  Give The Plough Inn a try if you're ever in Hathersage.

My wife and daughters gave me a great Father's Day yesterday, though every day feels like Father's Day when I'm fortunate enough to hear my daughters call me "dad."

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