16 February 2016

TV Filming Outside Our Front Door!

We saw signs on a street near our rental house about a week ago that informed us of filming to take place on the weekend.  My wife and I decided to check out the scene this past Sunday (14 February).  Right around the corner from our place is Sharrow Vale Road.  It's a neat road with lots of local shops.  Our neighbourhood pub, The Lescar, is visible from our house and sits on Sharrow Vale Road.  The TV filming took place on the part of Sharrow Vale Road nearest Hunter's Bar roundabout.  A butcher store got transformed as shown below (click on the image for larger view).
Note the television store to the right!  The show that was being filmed is called Brief Encounters and will be a six-part show on itv.  Click here for information on the show set in Sheffield in the 1980's.  My wife checked out the phone booth and cars that were brought in to give the street an '80s feel (click on the image for a larger view).
As someone who spent his teen years in the '80s, I began to feel my age seeing all that old stuff around!  A travel agency and a record shop were even created (click on the image for a larger view).
It was fun seeing the track on the street for filming, and it was great watching a scene being shot in the butcher shop.  Not so great was the monster light set up right outside our windows last night (Monday, 15 February).  I guess there was some filming taking place at night and they needed the streets lit up.

We'll check out the show when it airs and look for our neighbouring street.

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