21 July 2015

Prediction for Stage 17

Tomorrow's Stage 17 promises great scenery as the Tour de France will be fully in the Alps.  Picking up in the commune of Digne-les-Bains, the 161-km (100-mi) mountain stage takes riders southeast for about 40 km (25 mi) before turning them northward toward the stage's category-2 climbing end at the ski resort of Pra Loup.  Alpine mountains will be on full display, particularly the category-1 climb to the 2250-m (1.40-mi) peak of Col d'Allos.

Will tomorrow be the day that teams challenge Chris Froome?  Or will teams wait for a later stage?  As with yesterday's stage, we never know what strategies will be like, but it's a lot of fun watching and finding out.  Our prediction is given below.
  • Stage 17:  4h 21' 10" (prediction)
A well-rested cyclist with nothing to lose could surely beat that time.  We'll see if racing is as fast tomorrow as it's been in the past two stages.

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