15 June 2015

A Thrilling Win for Vandy!

After seeing my beloved Vanderbilt Commodores fall behind Cal State Fullerton 3-0 after nearly six innings yesterday before rain suspended the game, I thought we were sure to lose today when the game resumed.  Losing the first game in the College World Series puts a team on a tough track to win it all.  But what's great about sports is the totally unexpected.

We got a run to finish off the bottom of the sixth inning.  We got to the bottom of the ninth down two runs.  After a couple of doubles got us a run, Jeren Kendall came up with a man on second.  On the second pitch he saw he hit a home run to right center, ending the game and giving Vandy the 4-3 win.  The image below is the screen capture I took while watching the game (click on the image for a larger view).
How sweet it is!  We continue the march to defend our title with TCU up next.

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