30 September 2014

New Marathon Record -- Under Two Hours is Coming!

Nearly a year to the day after the Berlin Marathon saw a new men's record, Dennis Kimetto of Kenya established a brand new men's record in this year's Berlin Marathon.  The 30-year-old completed the race in 2 h 02' 57", knocking 26" off the old record set by fellow Kenyon Wilson Kipsang, and almost 03' faster than the record at the time this century began.  Kimetto completed the 42.194988-km (26.21875-mi) race with an average speed of 5.7198 m/s (20.591 kph or 12.795 mph).  For those of you who like to run a mile, Kimetto averaged 04' 41.36" per mile.  I can't even run ONE mile that fast.  Forget 26 miles!

Congratulations to Dennis Kimetto for setting a new marathon record.  I hope he gets to enjoy it awhile, at least until next year's Berlin Marathon.  It won't be too far in the future before a human being is able to complete a marathon in less than two hours.

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