10 February 2014

Winter Olympics Chat on The Takeaway

I had a lot of fun chatting with John Hockenberry for his radio show at The Takeaway.  We talked about several sports featured in the Sochi Winter Olympics.  The interview will be chopped into a few segments, beginning with curling and speed skating.  Click here for a preview.  If you are in one of the more than 220 cities where The Takeaway is syndicated, tune in for some physics fun!  I believe there will also be podcast episodes on iTunes.

It's too bad I didn't chat with John Hockenberry after yesterday's skating.  Wow!  Russian skating is top notch, as proven in the team event.  Evgeni Plushenko is always a marvel to behold.  My younger daughter and I were rooting for Gracie Gold, and she delivered her personal best in a fantastic performance.  But, we could hardly keep still while 15-year-old Julia Lipnitskaia was on the ice.  Flexibility, grace, power, and full athletic prowess were on display as she nailed one jump after another and finished with a spectacular spin featuring three separate positions.  Angular momentum conservation was front and center throughout!

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