02 August 2013

Aerodynamics Review Article

I was flattered to be invited by the editorial board at Sports Engineering to write a review article on aerodynamics in sport.  The article covers various ways to research aerodynamics in the sports world, and highlights recent advances made in 18 different sports.  The article may be accessed here.

Despite numerous times reading my own words, having several people read drafts of the article, having a couple of reviewers and a copy editor go through the paper, a couple of typos slipped through the cracks.  Those typos are, of course, solely my responsibility.  I hate seeing little errors slip into a publication.  Springer allowed me to publish an erratum for a misplaced decimal point.  That erratum may be accessed here.

A second typo was found by Louis Poirier, but Springer would not allow a second erratum.  The typo Louis found may be summarized as follows:  At the end of the third paragraph in Section 4.10, the distance 2.63 m was incorrectly converted to 0.802 ft.  Please replace 0.802 ft with 8.63 ft.  I thank Louis for pointing that error out to me.

If anyone notices other typos or errors, please let me know.  The paper was a lot of fun to put together, and I want it to be as accurate as possible.

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