13 August 2012

Olympic Physics Summary

The 2012 Summer Olympics are over.  As overwhelmed as I felt trying to watch as much as I could, even during holiday with my family this past week, I can't believe how fast the last two-and-a-half weeks have gone.  London and the rest of the UK are right to feel proud of the fantastic effort they put forth.  Great job!

A couple of my colleagues commented to me that they enjoyed reading my blog posts concerning the Olympics, but they found that if I wrote two or three posts on a given day or on consecutive days, they missed some posts at first glance of my blog.  That's my fault for not having a particularly well-organized blog!  To that end, I though I would summarize in this post the two dozen or so posts that I wrote for the Olympics.  I am certainly flattered by anyone who chooses to read what I've written, and I appreciate the kind comments I've received.

Below is a list of the sporting events I wrote about during the Olympics.  I give a link to a post or posts I've written that deal with a particular event in parentheses following the event name.  In some cases, multiple events link to the same post because of discussions of big physics ideas that I applied to more than one sport.
As tired as my fingers got typing all those posts, I look at the above list of events and feel like I hardly scratched the surface of this past Olympics.  I'll try to watch as many replays of the events I missed as I can, and perhaps write a few more blog posts.  Following and studying the Tour de France and Summer Olympics have made this summer a lot of fun!

Just 543 more days until the opening ceremony in Sochi, Russia kicks off the 2014 Winter Olympics!

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  1. I think you have done a great job blogging on the Olympics. I checked in on many occasions to see your comments about the different events that I did not see.