29 January 2012

Six Hours of GREAT Tennis!

Okay, my title exaggerates by seven minutes the length of the Australian Open men's final.  But, Novak Djokovic's victory over Rafael Nadal is something I'll never forget.  What an epic match!  Djokovic and Nadal probably showed us the limits of what human beings can do on a tennis court.  When Djokovic broke Nadal in the 11th game of the 5th set, one had to think that Nadal was finished.  Nadal managed a break point in the 12th game, but Djokovic was not to be denied.  It was painful to see one of those men lose; Nadal was only second by the slightest of margins.  I am in awe after seeing the longest Grand Slam final.  Serbia will be celebrating for sure!

I regret not seeing Victoria Azarenka's title win over Maria Sharapova.  Though not as competitive a final as the men's final, I congratulate Azarenka for taking over the #1 spot in women's tennis.  Belarus has quite a star!

Australia gave us an amazing fortnight of tennis.  Let's hope Paris will be just as thrilling!

Look for another tennis post tomorrow.  The energetics of the ball fascinate me.

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  1. I feel ya buddy, I am an admirer of Rafael Nadal and I thought that he was going to win, but he had a bad day and Novak Djokovic played excellent, the defeat hurt me and my pocket since I told a pay per head agent to bet some money on Nadal's victory which never happened. Anyway, I also enjoyed the 6 hrs of superb tennis as I had not seen in a long time when Sampras and Agasi used to played