23 September 2011

Wow ... Australia!

It is not easy following the 2011 Rugby World Cup while living in the US.  Online updates were the best I could muster for my Eagles match against the Wallabies.  Though we competed well against Ireland, we got hammered by Australia earlier today, 65-7.  Congratulations to Adam Ashley-Cooper for scoring the fastest hat-trick ever in Rugby World Cup play.  Ashley-Cooper accomplished the feat in just seven minutes.  As obvious as it is to state, the US simply got clobbered by a much better team.

Australia and Ireland certainly look to advance out of Pool C, and that is probably not a shock to rugby fans.  I am happy, however, to learn something about rugby in the US while following this year's Rugby World Cup.  Even without the US in the knockout stage, I will keep following the other teams.  I just hope I can watch some of the games.

The sport is relatively new to me, which makes learning about it a lot of fun.  To nobody's surprise, there is a lot of interesting science in rugby.  I am still reading The Physics of Rugby by Trevor Lipscombe (click here to get the book), and I am enjoying it.  Though the physics is familiar to me, the rugby jargon and intricacies of the game are not.  My ignorance of the game is driving me to learn more about it, its rules, styles of play, tactical subtleties, and legendary players.  Rugby is definitely growing on me! 

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